Algue Market, the online sales site of food algae, cosmetics, dietary supplements

You will find at tight prices the largest selection of seaweed food products, mainly from organic farming. The seaweeds Wakamé, Nori, Kombu, sea lettuce, sea beans are marine vegetables with an exceptional nutritional richness and an incomparable flavor. Their red, brown, green colors will bring fancy and reveal your dishes.

The virtues of algae are also used for our health. We offer a range of seaweed cosmetics. These beauty products with marine active ingredients will allow you to achieve quality home care for both your face and your body.

Sometimes invisible, algae are no less than execptionnelle efficiency for our health such as spirulina alga, Chlorella or Klamath blue algae. These algae are traditionally consumed as algae food supplements. Whether in the form of powders, tablets, twigs, you will find them at Algue Market, under different major brands such as Marcus Rohrer, Flamingo Green, Algosud.

As agar-agar (or Kanten in Japanese), it is gelling 100% natural obtained from red algae which advantageously replaces the gelling agents of animal origin. Its name is often associated with dieting, widely consumed in Asia because the agar is very low calorie.

Even our four-legged friends are not forgotten at Algue Market, since we offer products for an algae feed.

Finally to close this presentation, we propose a blog mainly intended to put online recipes.