The Many Ways to Use a Chicken Mesh

Contrary to popular belief, a chicken mesh is not only used for chicken fencing. In fact, it is also used in construction and chemistry, although it is used in theory with the later rather than in actual application. A chicken mesh does resemble molecules with fused carbon rings.


chicken mesh
chicken mesh


Because of the mesh’s high strength and durability, one area of it can be cut off but the rest of the structure will remain standing rather than completely destroyed. Combined with its flexibility, a chicken mesh Australia hardware stores offer will do so much more than its primary function.

Chicken Wire Mesh Applications

Security Fencing

Using the mesh for security purposes is quite common, with industrial, commercial, or residential installations widely seen around Australia. As a security fence or perimeter wall, it not only provides a layer of protection but also contributes to the aesthetics of a property.

The wire mesh used will vary from 5mm holes to 6mm holes, depending on your requirement and preferences. If you want one that offers better security, opt for one with holes small enough for toes, fingers, or even cutters to pass through.

Garden Fencing

Want to keep pesky pests away from vegetation and garden? Installing a chicken mesh in Australia property is an excellent solution to keep rabbits and rodents away.

It can also double as wires for climbing plants, so that’s killing two birds with one stone. Unlike other types of wires, the mesh can handle the weight of plants. This means repairs need not be done regularly.

Window Screens

If you’re looking for an alternative to window screens, the wire mesh is just what you need. It may not have the aesthetics of common window furnishings but it does offer extra security. This is suitable for use in structure or buildings, stock rooms, window barns, and storage facilities.

Plaster structure

In construction, a chicken mesh can be used as a structure for plaster. The honeycomb structure provides a strong and durable plastering structure that prevent plaster from cracking or drying out.

Unlike other types of wire mesh, chicken wire is more acceptable where extreme changes are concerned. Although it will have a different thermal expansion coefficient than the reinforcing metal layer used in plastering, the mesh remains a recommended material.

The chicken wire mesh’s hexagonal shape also prevents internal stresses from forming, making it more flexible to use when plastering angled or curved surfaces. Mounting it on such areas are easier as well.

A wire mesh is also easy to handle, eliminating the risk of injuries while working with it.

Highway and Railway Fencing

Aside from plastering, chicken wire is also used in other industrial applications. One of these is to fence railways and highways to prevent people and animals from crossing the roads or tracks. When work is underway, the same fence will help prevent injuries.

When access to roads and tracks are limited only to those allowed to do so, damage to rails and highways are prevented and minimized.

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