High Speed Doors: Safe Usage at Work

In over the past 50 years, the evolution of automated doors has provided many an industrial customer with security and convenience. The ongoing progress from slow rigid rollers to high speed doors continues to bring forth energy savings and improved productivity. However, the quest for high-cycle automation also comes with more risks. When protocols are not implemented, the lives or well-being of workers may be endangered.

high speed doors

Door safety is merely one of the many issues every employer must address in an industrial workplace. In response, consider the following points for the safe usage of rapid roll up doors and similar products in your business:

Training for Your Staff

Forklift operators need sufficient training not only in using their vehicles but also in avoiding collisions with roller doors. It can be easy to miscalculate the speed at which the doors open and shut. Not to mention, there is the possibility of high speed doors closing without warning. The lack of training can lead to accidental damage to your equipment. Plus, your workers could get seriously injured. Schedule a briefing or orientation with your door provider right after installation. Your employees should be aware of the possible risks involved.

Visibility of the Doors

For those who own a high-traffic warehouse or building, it is a must to ensure that entrances will stand out. A good option for applications that require high visibility is coloured metal doors. The problem is that they are quite susceptible to scratching, making them less effective. Vertical lift fabric doors made of standard UV protected material would be an excellent alternative. They are made to be resistant to winds, high or low temperatures, dust, and excess moisture.

Environmental Conditions

Continuing on the same note as the above point, extreme weather conditions can damage cold room doors and other entrances over time. Are the products you’re using robust enough to withstand harsh winds and the like? Depending on the location and season, gusts can reach speeds of over 100km/hr which can cause doors to buckle. Heavy-duty models are less likely to come loose and unhinged from their frames and be a hazard to the workers inside a building.

Training, visibility, and environmental conditions – these three factors might not initially seem important but putting them into consideration can save you money in the long run. Plus, it can help prevent any untoward incidents from happening to your employees as they work around the equipment.

Choosing the Right Doors

Be sure to properly evaluate your needs to determine the best kind of high speed doors that will boost your workplace productivity. Finding the perfect match for you may spell the difference between convenience and chaos.

To learn more about the different kinds of rapid doors available in your area, get in touch with a reputable provider like Hold Fast Industries. They offer a wide range of access way equipment suitable for all kinds of industrial use. They cater to companies in cold storage, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, logistics, and more. Find out which of their products would be a good fit for you today.