As the demand for aged care increases alongside the growth of the ageing population, providers of senior living communities are stepping up their game to remain competitive. When you do an online search for “aged care homes near me”, the results will show beautiful buildings that resemble hotels or resorts rather than the traditional image of a residential home.

aged care homes near me

While a good first impression is important, the getting-to-know phase is what can help you make a more informed and smarter decision in choosing the best aged care residence.

Since you’ve already established that you prefer a senior care facility which is near your current home, your options will already narrow down considerably. The next step is to make an intelligent comparison of the residences near you.

Create a checklist which covers all the details that matter the most — details that determine the quality of life you will have when transitioning to aged care home living.

Dig more into the background

Get to know as much as you can about the company. It’s history, finances, owners, accreditation, reputation, and so on. Some questions you should ask are:

– Are the aged care homes near me owned by people with a healthcare background?

– Are they or their directors under any investigation? Has anyone filed any legal complaints or cases against them?

– Can I trust how they handle their finances?

Inspect the facility

You should never agree to live in an aged care residence without visiting the place in person. See for yourself if the home looks as good as it is advertised in pictures. While going around the property, carefully inspect how clean, well maintained, and new the building, furniture, appliances, and facilities are. Some helpful questions are:

– Do the aged care nursing homes near me have cleaning staff who cover all areas of the property?

– Is the room I’m inspecting a showroom or an actual bedroom that residents live in?

– Do I feel comfortable while indoors, or is it too hot or too cold inside? Are the heating and cooling systems working properly? read more