Aged Care Residence Checklist: Important Details You Shouldn’t Miss

As the demand for aged care increases alongside the growth of the ageing population, providers of senior living communities are stepping up their game to remain competitive. When you do an online search for “aged care homes near me”, the results will show beautiful buildings that resemble hotels or resorts rather than the traditional image of a residential home.


aged care homes near me



While a good first impression is important, the getting-to-know phase is what can help you make a more informed and smarter decision in choosing the best aged care residence.

Since you’ve already established that you prefer a senior care facility which is near your current home, your options will already narrow down considerably. The next step is to make an intelligent comparison of the residences near you.

Create a checklist which covers all the details that matter the most — details that determine the quality of life you will have when transitioning to aged care home living.

Dig more into the background

Get to know as much as you can about the company. It’s history, finances, owners, accreditation, reputation, and so on. Some questions you should ask are:

– Are the aged care homes near me owned by people with a healthcare background?

– Are they or their directors under any investigation? Has anyone filed any legal complaints or cases against them?

– Can I trust how they handle their finances?

Inspect the facility

You should never agree to live in an aged care residence without visiting the place in person. See for yourself if the home looks as good as it is advertised in pictures. While going around the property, carefully inspect how clean, well maintained, and new the building, furniture, appliances, and facilities are. Some helpful questions are:

– Do the aged care nursing homes near me have cleaning staff who cover all areas of the property?

– Is the room I’m inspecting a showroom or an actual bedroom that residents live in?

– Do I feel comfortable while indoors, or is it too hot or too cold inside? Are the heating and cooling systems working properly?

Find out which amenities and services are included in the fees

You have to know the specifics when it comes to the coverage of fees because it isn’t always clear what is included or not. For instance, all rooms may come with an air conditioner but there might be additional charges if the resident uses it. Ask for all the details about using and paying for amenities and services, so you have a better estimate of how much you will actually be spending to live there. Questions such as these are helpful:

– If the best aged care homes near me can cater to special dietary needs, will it be an additional cost?

– In case I slip or fall and require rehabilitation, will I have to pay more to avail of rehab treatment? Visit Arcare Glenhaven for more details.

– Is the use of all the appliances of my room already included in my fees or will each device require an additional charge?

Observe daily life at the aged care residence

A great tip to get the real picture of the quality of service and care at senior living communities is to visit unannounced. Try to schedule your surprise visit during meal times or when there is a scheduled event or activity. These are good ways to check the quality of the food and how the residents and team members interact. Get a feel of the overall environment by asking questions like:

– How accommodating are aged care homes close to me when it comes to arranging special visits or celebrations for their residents?

– Do the team members and residents seem happy and healthy? Do they have a good relationship?

– Can I picture myself living here? Are there enough purposeful activities to keep me busy and active?

Get to know more about the team members

The quality of team members in aged care residences greatly affect the quality of care and services residents receive. You want to make sure you will be taken care of by a team which is well-trained and qualified and is able to cater to special needs. But beyond skills and qualifications, you should also check how content the team members are with their job and work environment. Include questions like this in your checklist:

– What is the staff-to-residents ratio? Are there enough carers to efficiently manage the number of residents?

– Do I feel like I can trust the staff here to take good care of me? Do they pay attention to the needs of the residents and are they patient with them?

– My English isn’t too good and I need a carer who can communicate in my native language. Do they have a staff who speaks my language?

The point of making a checklist is you want to make sure you ask all the important questions to guide your decision in choosing the best aged care residence near you. Therefore, it pays to be as detailed as possible, as well as particular about the small things that really matter to you.